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Pimms is my name, picking great
and useful products is my game.

That's me, working like a dog, testing out the Spotless Paw - just one of many paw-picked products by yours truly.

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Hello! Pimms here. Living in Florida and preparing for Hurricanes six months of the year, not to mention floods and fires, I know how important it is to be protected and ready to move in an instant. 

That is why I recently decided to put together my favorite “Must Have” list of items that I believe to be useful and are available at a moment’s notice.

I look for products that are great when you travel. I am not planning to be the Chocolate Lab in charge of a hundreds of items mail order company – hey, I only have 4 paws – but rather the Lab known for choosing innovative, useful and reasonably priced products. 

After Hurricane Katrina I wanted to do my part and with the help of a few colleagues (human) I set up Pet Protect PetHealth Alert that offers Free Medical Pet ID Tags ($5.00 for processing, handling and shipping) with 10 instant descriptive phrases so if a pet is lost there is instant information in case there is no Veterinarian to scan for a microchip.  I personally wear the Healthy Pet tag proudly but friends of mine need a tag describing their medical condition such as Diabetes, Allergies, Blind, Deaf and the list goes on and on.

I hope you find this list of "Must Have" items useful, especially when you and your humans are preparing your natural disaster kits or even when you are planning a short trip or your much deserved vacation.

One final word – you may think that I “over describe” products and you would rather have a one line description of a product.  But I believe as you can not touch and feel the items you should have as much information, and even the odd opinion thrown in, to make certain you know as much as possible before purchasing one of my selections.  It is a challenging economy these days and even dogs (as well as cats) must spend their “pawket” money wisely.  And for even more information we are here for you- either by E-mail or telephone.

Please come back often as I have a great list of products that will be added after I retrieve more information about them. If you have a product that you would like me to review and perhaps add to my list just E-mail me at – I must keep my paws on the pulse!

Thanks so much for shopping with me and I hope you woof and meow about The ALERT Store to your pals.

Your friend,

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