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P.E.T.S. legislation requires that disaster preparedness plans include household pets & service animals*.

PHOTO CREDIT: New Orleans, LA 9/8/05 -- Residents who stayed behind with pets are leaving after police told them the pets can go with them. Many residents have been in New Orleans without electricity or tap water for ten days. New Orleans is being evacuated as a result of floods and damage caused by hurricane Katrina. Photo by: Liz Roll

It only takes a moment...

For your pet to slip his collar,
to escape out of an open door,
to jump the fence,
to chase another dog/cat, or
to wander away from a campsite.

It only takes a moment...

For a flood to destroy your home,
a hurricane to destroy your town,
a tornado to leave you homeless,
a fire to start while you are not at home.

It only takes a moment...

For a diabetic pet to die without his medication,
a blind pet to run into traffic,
a epileptic dog to go into shock,
a special needs pet to be left uncared for,
a pet with allergies to eat the wrong foods.

It only takes a moment...

To order a Tag,
to register a tag,
to update your pet's information,
to search for a lost a pet’s tag ID,
to save a pet's life.

It only takes a moment...

To visit an animal shelter,
adopt a homeless pet in need,
and proudly put the "I am a Survivor" tag on his new collar!


The Facts:

Roughly 600,000 pets were killed or were left without a home as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  Many pets lost their lives due to the weather, and others could not be taken into safety shelters so they were unfortunately left stranded.

A  National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy survey found that a family pet is lost every two seconds, resulting in more than 10 million pets going missing each year. One out of every three pets is lost during its lifetime, and only one in 10 lost pets is found.  

Less than five percent of the approximately 145 million pets in the United States benefit from the lifesaving technology of micro-chipping

If you have to leave, so does your pet - doing so can keep your pet from the dangers associated with floods such as malnutrition, electrocution, hypothermia, dehydration, poisoning from polluted flood waters, even stress from being separated from their owners.

According to the Department of Homeland Security as much as 90 percent of the damage related to all natural disasters (excluding draught) is caused by floods and associated debris flow. Most communities in the United States can experience some kind of flooding.

*Legislation that became law on October 6, 2006 requires pets to be included in disaster evacuation plans. The bill, called the Pets Evacuation, Transportation Standards Act (PETS), requires that state and local Disaster Preparedness plans needed for Federal Emergency Management Agency funding include provisions for household pets and service animals