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Your ID Tag and access to the National Pet Health Registry is FREE! A one-time $5.00 shipping, handling, and processing fee per tag will be applied to your order. A 6% sales tax applies to shipping fees in Florida.

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More than 500,000 pets are killed by housefires every year

PHOTO CREDIT: Independence, MO, February 8, 2002 --
Heavy ice brought down powerlines, causing electrical fires in several states. This home in Independence, Missouri, was gutted by a storm related fire. Photo by Dave Saville/ FEMA News Photo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Our Tag is different from other pet identification methods because it gives an INSTANT medical alert to anyone finding your pet. Then,'s National Pet Health Registry makes available further important information, care for instructions and emergency contact information that you provide about your pet. Plus, you will have the security of password protected access to's National Pet Health Registry to upload your pet's photo and update your pet's data and as often as needed!

How does it work?

STEP 1. Order your FREE Tag online. You will receive your FREE Tag, (plus $5.00 per tag for processing, shipping and handling) including a unique Tag ID number, and Registration instructions by mail.

STEP 2. When you receive your Tag, use your Tag ID number and password to register your Tag online. The information you register will be stored in's National Pet Health Registry, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone finding your pet.

For your Pet's added protection please upload a photo of your Pet

Uploading your Pet's Photo - the best size to upload a jpg is 640 x 480 pixels or below. You could experience uploading difficulties if the jpg is larger.

Search Sample Tag ID# 1234 above to see a real example of how the's National Pet Health Registry works! Tags are not a replacement for a microchip. Our Tags are engraved with your unique Tag ID number on your choice of 10 different Tag styles. You can register the information you would like to appear in the National Pet Health Registry.

Is my information private and secure?

Yes. does not rent or sell your name or your pet's information to any third parties.

Why do I need

One out of every three pets becomes lost during their lifetime. is more than just a Pet ID Tag. It is the only service specializing in custom Medical Alert Tags designed for healthy pets, pets that need special care, and to honor pets that have survived a natural disaster such as hurricanes, floods or fires. Our Tag provides critical information about your pet when you are not there.

How much does it cost?

The Tag is FREE (plus a one time $5.00 fee per tag for processing, shipping and handling). Become part of the National Pet Health Registry by ordering your free tag and providing your veterinary, medical and emergency contact information accessible online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone who may find your pet.

What should I do if I found a pet?

Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA
PHOTO CREDIT: Galveston Island, TX, September 17, 2008 -- Volunteers from around the country for the Humane Society of Texas rescue some rabbits and dogs that were reported to local authorities after Hurricane Ike. Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA

In the upper right hand box of any page of this Web site, search the pet's Tag ID Number. This will provide you with access to's National Pet Health Registry, where the pet owner has provided veterinary, medical, and emergency contact information for their pet.


How do I obtain a FREE Pet ID Tag?

You can order your tag online.

What is' s National Pet Health Registry?

It is a password-protected secure database of a pet's important information such as emergency contact information, veterinary, medical and travel information. Members have unlimited access to update's National Pet Health Registry at no cost and can register as little or as much information as needed. Anyone finding a pet can search the pet's Tag ID number.

Is only for pets with medical conditions?

No. ANY pet can receive a Free Pet ID Tag. Choose from 10 different Tags with specific medical conditions or for Healthy and Survivor pets. You can provide the specific information about your pet when you register your tag.

What if my pet has more that one condition?

We recommend the "special needs" tag or "needs meds" tag if your pet has a unique condition, or requires special medications.

How quickly can I protect my pet with

IMMEDIATELY! As soon as you receive your Tag, you can register your pet's medical history in's National Pet Health Registry.

What if my pet has a microchip?

The Tag is not a replacement for a microchip but is an added protection. A microchip must be scanned by a Veterinarian or Pet Shelter. With a Tag, no equipment is needed. For example, if your pet is lost or displaced, our Tag will immediately alert the person who finds your pet of your pet's medical condition. If your pet's Tag says "needs meds" or "seizures" the person finding your pet will immediately be aware of this important medical information.

What if I travel with my pet outside of the United States? can be used with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

Is a lost and found registry?

We are not a lost and found registry, we are a FREE service, specializing in custom Medical Alert Pet ID Tags, to provide INSTANT protection for your pet if you and your pet are ever separated.'s National Pet Health Registry then provides up-to-date medical information or emergency contact information about your pet to anyone finding your pet.

Do I need a computer?

Our Tags are designed to provide an IMMEDIATE medical alert to anyone finding a pet. Therefore no computer or any special equipment is needed to provide the life-saving and IMMEDIATE health alert.'s National Pet Health Registry can provide further medical and emergency contact information to individuals with internet access.

How do I update my registration information?

Go to the Update Pet Data page and follow the instructions to make instant updates to your pet registration data.

What is my Tag ID and Password?

Your Tag ID is located on your Tag. Your password is the password you selected on your order form. If you did not provide a password, a password was assigned to you when you received your tag.

If you have a Tag, but lost your password please E-mail a customer service representative at to request a new password.

Why should Pet Shelters, Charities, Veterinary Clinics, Associations, Pet Product Companies and Retailers participate?

By mentioning to your clients, customers, and members, you are providing a FREE life-saving medical alert for pets and a unique and added value for your clients, customers and members.

What is The Alert Store?

The place to shop for pets and their people with new, innovative and personalized products that are ideal for traveling, great for gifts and necessary if you must evacuate.

Who is Pet Protect, Inc?

Pet Protect® is the owner of and has been caring for pets and their people since 1997. Please visit Pet Protect's other Web sites at