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About 600,000 pets were killed or left homeless after Hurricane Katrina 

PHOTO CREDIT: New Orleans, LA 9/8/05 -- Some residents fled so quickly when hurricane Katrina hit that pets were left behind on locked porches. Neighbors who did not evacuate have been trying to care for these animals. New Orleans is being evacuated due to flooding by hurricane Katrina. Photo by: Liz Roll

About Us

In the days and weeks following Hurricane Katrina, we watched helplessly as images of lost, scared and hungry pets made national news. Nothing was more heartbreaking than seeing dogs and cats stranded on rooftops or balancing on porch steps, wondering why they were left behind.

In Naples, Florida we experienced first-hand the devastating Hurricane seasons and hurricane experts are predicting active hurricane seasons for the next several years. We wanted to do our part to help protect pets by providing a unique and service for pet owners and their pets.

Hurricanes are not the only natural disaster affecting pets. Wildfires, flash floods, tornados, snowstorms, earthquakes and now the threat of terrorism affect other regions of the United States. At a moment's notice pet owners must evacuate their homes, sometimes with no other option but to leave their pets behind. Some pet owners are reunited quickly with their pets. Or sometimes days, weeks, and months pass before you can see your pet again.

Pet Protect® office October 2005 after Hurricane Wilma.
No pets or people were injured. 

Plus we must not forget about the everyday dangers for pets. Pets are vulnerable when traveling, escaping at a rest stop on the highway or from a RV or hotel. Even in their own homes, a door can be accidentally left open and a pet can escape.

Sadly, pet owners and their pets are separated everyday. But there is hope. Thanks to the thousands of people who care, pets and their owners are reuniting, and those pets that are not are ending up in shelters every day waiting for a new home.

Pet Protect® PetHealthAlert is more than just another Pet ID Tag. We offer free custom Pet Medical Alert ID Tags that give an INSTANT alert of a pets medical condition.'s National Pet Health Registry offers even more protection. By searching the Pet ID Tag number, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anyone finding your pet will have immediate access to special instructions that you provide. Pet Data Updates are unlimited and password-protected to ensure security and safety.

We want to do our part to help pets. You can, too! Please Join Us!